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Tune In & Shine Your Light! This fun workshop is designed to relax, energize, and engage children in cultivating awareness and shining their light.   Learn and practice Kundalini yoga-inspired techniques for tuning in using breath, postures, relaxation, meditation and intuition. Learn about kirtan and practice to de-stress your body, calm your mind and open your heart.  Family members of all ages are welcome. Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult. The program is geared for children ages 5 and up. No prior experience is needed.

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~ early bird price: $3o single, $80 family / then $35 single, $85 family
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Fragrance-Free:  Please do not wear scented products.

  • JAI teaches yoga to children for spiritual development and well-being. She is a lifelong Kundalini yogi who directs and teaches for holistic children’s programs. Jai is a licensed Childcare Provider and a certified Yoga and Prenatal Yoga Instructor (RYT, RPYT). She teaches ballet, modern and West African dance to people of all ages.
  • DURGA leads kirtan and trains people of all ages to relax and empower consciousness for spiritual development and well-being.  She has practiced yoga for 30 years.  Durga holds a BA in Child Development and is licensed as a Spiritual Health Coach. She is certified as a Quantum Health Coach and Specialist in Biofeedback, Stress Management and Pain Management


Protective Psycho-Spiritual States and Strategies for Stress and Pain Reduction, Recovery IMG_3584and Equanimity
•  stress profiles and strategies for stress-reduction

Cycles of Breath and Prana:  How We Take In Energy and Transform It for Dharmic Transformation, Manifestation and Evolution
•  expanding energy for spiritual development

All About Kirtan
•  a spiritual practice to empower consciousness and energy for personal and planetary evolution

1.  Spiritual Devotion and Practice
2.  Pranayama:  Expansion of Life-force Energy with Regulated Breathing
3.  Mantra:  Sanskrit Energy Formulas
4.  Kirtan:  Practice and Evolution
5.  Building Energy for Inner Peace

•  comprehension questions for participant evaluation are available for this series