Fees, Payment & Special Offers

Payment Policies for Sessions & Gift Certificates

• This is a self-pay practice.  Some insurance companies cover biofeedback.
• For in-person sessions, please pay at the time of your session.
• For remote sessions or gift certificates, please use the buttons below to pay with either PayPal, a credit card or a debit card.
• You may also mail a check to:  Quantum Breakthroughs, PO Box #1008, Amherst, MA 01004.
• For gift certificates, please include the address in the ‘special instructions box’ to indicate where you want them sent.

Details & Payment for In-Person & Remote Private Sessions

First Biofeedback Sessionbiofeedback, coaching120 minutes$120 USD
Get Clearbiofeedback, coaching90 minutes$120 USD
Relax & Energizebiofeedback, coaching90 minutes$95 USD
Sweep & Refreshfootbath, coaching45 – 60 minutes$35 USD add-on / $50 standalone
Make Way to Glowbiofeedback, footbath, coaching90 minutes$120 USD
Tune Up your Brainbiofeedback coaching90 minutes$120 USD
Consciously Createbiofeedback, coaching2 parts, 120 minutes each$250 total USD
Return to Wholeness Wholeness Energetics™90 minutes.$95 USD
Wholeness Plus S.C.I.O.* assisted Wholeness Energetics™105 minutes$120 USD
*S.C.I.O. “Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation”

Sessions & Gift Certificates

Remote Group Session

Quantum Leap for Transforming Your Health & Life   Removing energy blockages from your personal energy field reduces physical stress and pain, raises your energy, clears the way to personal growth and peace, and helps you bring radiance and cheer to all you encounter. In this web of energy we call “life”, we’re all connected. Be the change!  This is a remote session, meaning that no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can participate with complete ease and convenience.   Even more amazing, the cost of this 2-hour session is only $15 USD.  Jump on board for Quantum Leap and ride the wave of personal shift and planetary evolution!  First Tuesday of every month.  Pre-registration is required by 6 PM on the Sunday prior to program via contact.

Sessions & Gift Certificates

Special Offers

Optimal Alchemy for Body, Mind & Spirit   In-person or remote.  Screen & Re-direct!   Every body’s stress profile is different.  The steps you take to restore calm, well-being and ease are best determined from your personal stress risk profile.   Optimal Alchemy is a 30-minute energy field screening for stress relief so you can relax, re-set, re-program and re-direct.  Get feedback on hidden and top-priority stressors impacting your overall well-being, and use it to balance your body, mind and spirit and to determine your best next steps.   Save on cost when you get one for yourself and one for your friends — one for $30, two for $55, three for $80.00. This special offer runs through 3.31.2018

Sessions & Gift Certificates