Group Participant Reflections

Here are a few reflections by some of our 150 past program participants (ages 16 – 73). Read on for more comments on our Unique Approach, Success & Prosperity, Personal Growth, Life Purpose & Joy, Relationship & Love — Inner & Outer Connection,  Intuition, Creativity, Knowledge & Consciousness, and Health & Well Being Contact us to receive updates on our events and join us to experience for yourself the power of a a group aligned with intention! See this link for information about our current group offering, Quantum Leap.

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“I’m impressed: the ability to get to such core issues so quickly was amazing. I’m grateful to be part of it and thank you again for an empowering evening.”

“My goal involved developing the personal mission statement that I’ve been working on through The Mankind Project, and I really got what I came for: I’m feeling more focused with my energy and thoughts. I experienced some amazing insights and feel more clarity.  I plan to attend again and invite other men from my circle who I think would benefit the way I did.”

“I asked for clarity on next steps. What happened over the next 6 months is not to be believed.  I determined to move, cleaned, staged, and put my house on the market, downsized into a one-bedroom unit in senior independent living, sold my house at a fair price.  And am delighted with it all.”

“I experienced a deep sense of peace and relaxation, and a deeper connection to Source. Now there is a greater connection and reliance on my spiritual self, which creates more peace and acceptance in my relationships, as I am not looking to others to meet my needs. I have more compassion and acceptance – instead of judgment and anger – towards the limitations of others.”

“After I personally experienced results with this work, I convinced my brother and sister, with whom I co-own a consulting company, to schedule a private group session. Our goal was simple and clear – a successful business, doing work we love without so much efforting. A lot was revealed in those three hours, on a personal as well as family dynamic level. Even my sister, who tends to be skeptical, benefited greatly and has suggested we return for another session. Did it help our business? I have had more requests for proposals in the month since our private session than in the whole year combined! But more importantly than new work and more money is the absence of worry and the calm in knowing our work is valued and doesn’t require so much effort.”

“After participating in the program for a second time, I felt energized and happily positive. The osteoarthritis pain I’ve experienced for years in my lower body joints and neck seemed to disappear for two weeks. What a truly, amazingly wonderful miracle!  I look forward to the next program so I may continue living my goal of a pain-free existence.”

Unique Approach: from Pain & Stress to Clarity & Real Solutions

“There’s an atmosphere of trust, and the techniques are simple and effective for fine-tuning intentions and releasing blockages.”

“The best program I’ve ever attended for ‘the work’!”

“It was better than years of talk-therapy because we got right to the heart of the matter.”

“This work has been such an important part of my journey!”

“I can’t stay away:  something significant always happens!”

“You cannot leave this room without the Truth.”

“I am really impressed with how seamlessly the facilitators worked with me to refine my goals.  They seem to work from a collective mind!”

“We could rule out what was not the most important and put our focus right where our higher selves were wanting it to be.”

“It was fascinating to see how we all were doing our own piece and a piece for the community at once – it really brought home the effectiveness of doing individual work for the larger whole.”

“I love what you do!  I am so grateful to you both for putting this program out there as a community service, a healing group that’s accessible and affordable for anyone.”

“This work brought about amazing shifts in the days and weeks following!”

“This work is amazingly energizing in a way I can’t put into words, but it makes me want to come back!”

“You are truly giving a gift to the community by facilitating this work.”

“The advertised process works to support and sometimes super charge any goal you have.”

“Yesterday evening was my third group.  After my first session it was nearly impossible to believe how much lighter I felt.  The next few days, several friends unexpectedly complimented my appearance.  What, they wanted to know, was I doing?  One who wanted it for herself came with me to my second group — and plans to participate again. After the second, I noticed a welcome, day-in and day-out buoyancy, even when very busy.  This was new.  Also, long-continued swelling in both ankles, due to stress as far as my physician could tell, went down.  My ankle bones are visible again. Yes, I’m vain, and that matters!  Last night, I really appreciated your deft assistance in tweaking my evening’s purpose to cover several large projects on which I’ve been finding it hard to work at the same time.  Though addressed to another participant, furthermore, a comment of yours has loosened the hold on me of an old and painful part of my life.  In other words, thank you for a type of work that is not far short of magic.  Or, perhaps, this is what magic is!”

Success & Prosperity

“It’s been great to see and clear the limiting belief:  I no longer feel stuck and blocked, my energy has freed up, and I’m moving forward in promoting and expanding my business!”

“I got the clarity and started going gangbusters on my move to a new place.  I’ll be coming again to reassure myself that the universe can support me safely during the process.”

“I came to the program hoping to clear my uncertainty around pursuing a new business collective. Not only did this experience affirm that my pursuit was worthwhile, confirm where to put my energy (and where to not put it), and leave me with very little doubt, but it also helped clear the group’s blockages in addition to my own. I became fearless, completely positive and energized in my efforts and attitude. I felt laser-like — so energized to the goal of working on behalf of the group and filled with shakti, that I ran with it and had fantastic results. The energy was so infectious that it attracted the remaining membership required to get the venture off the ground. Four weeks later, the collective membership was achieved before a crucial deadline. I couldn’t be happier. And I feel even more convinced that I can manifest anything I am aligned with.”

Personal Growth, Life Purpose & Joy

“It is the best day of my whole life.  I really liked what I got from it and continue to get clarity in ways that I didn’t expect.”

“As the obstacle to each person’s goal was cleared, I felt that same issue clear up in me.  I’ve never cleared so much in such a short time! It cut to the core, effortlessly.  An amazing experience – one of the best.”

“Liberating and transforming!”

“I felt connected, at peace, and as if I understood the purpose and meaning of my life.”

“I was dreading a birthday.  I wanted to leave the fear behind, accept myself as I am, and be at peace with where I’m at.  Durga and Deb rapidly helped me define a goal related to this issue, locate the belief holding me back, and replace the dread with a positive vision for myself.  What a simple, profound process.  I feel so much more present.  I love this process.  It’s simple, relaxing and energizing!”

“Each session builds on the previous sessions.  My goals get deeper and deeper.  My life improves greatly after each clearing.  Somehow I also benefit from the goals and clearings of the other participants.  The whole process has been like peeling an onion — I have many layers that I am slowly and steadily uncovering, and in doing so I am getting freer and freer.  It’s also like I’m digging myself out from a collapsed brick building—as each brick/issue is lifted off me I feel lighter and lighter.  Finally I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, where it used to be very dark.”

“I feel more peace, excitement, empowerment and inspiration!”

“I let myself just go into the experience.  All my parts feel aligned.  My inner child feels seen and held safely.  I feel joyful and playful!”

“I released a belief that was fueling a lifelong, stubborn, painful pattern.  I moved into a new awareness of personal worth, security and clarity.  I now peacefully accept things as they are, truly forgive, let live and Love.  I’m honoring myself in new ways as an instrument of Spirit for my work on Earth, I’m energized, happy, and HAVING MUCH MORE FUN!”

“It works fast.  Terrific things happen.  I now know my purpose is to be a laser light for the dark and confusing places in people.”

“I found this program to be profound and look forward to my continued work and growth.”

“I feel a shift.  I’ve been focused with getting things done instead of feeling depressed and spinning in circles.   Moving forward is very important to me, and today I feel a push to reach for a higher self.   I’m also looking forward to private session work.”

Relationship & Love -- Inner & Outer Connection

“I’ve felt called to be wife and mother my whole life.  Hitting my 40s without a suitable relationship was shocking.  I had an eye-opening insight.  I discovered a childhood experience that first led me to believe that life is not worth it, and then also see myself as valueless. Because of that, I dis-engaged from people.  How could I be dis-engaged and find Mr. Right? WOW. That awareness started a powerful clearing of old patterns, which took a few days.  Now I radiate VALUE, make a concentrated effort to connect more with everyone I meet, and feel confident I’ll find Mr. Right soon.  Thank you for so powerfully opening my eyes and awareness!!!”

“Inspiring, moving, connecting, fun, informative, peaceful, emotional release.”

“You have to experience this work to get a sense of its depth.  I had a deep heart opening. There was a very deep release in some subtle places.  They were shown to me.  I let go.  There was a deep opening, a heart pouring.”

“I worked on surrendering to abundance with respect to an issue that involved my father. After the session, it felt like the issue dissolved!  What I worked on at the session and in the month following made a big difference.  The next step is to spend time with my father and share the result with him. He’s been waiting.”

“I came with the goal of ending a relationship I’d outgrown.  The situation was delicate. I felt overwhelmed by a mix of emotions, including a fear holding me back.  My goal was I can let go of this relationship and survive.  The group work helped me see where there was energy stuck in me from this type of situation in my past. It also helped me see how I could, indeed, let go and survive.  A week later, my goal came to fruition all on its’ own.  I didn’t have to do anything else but set the intention. I  let universe know what it was I wanted, and it came through! I feel freer and completely empowered to create my own reality.”

“I’ve long known that what I believe on the inside is reflected in my outer world.  So many say, “Seeing is Believing,” but this has been disproven too frequently to count. Believing is Seeing.  So when I heard about this work, I was curious.  What are the beliefs/stories/assumptions I’ve taken on that hold me back?  The first group session I attended was profound.  In 3 hours, I uprooted a traumatic experience I’d had as a child and the belief I created because of it. I remember leaving and thinking it would take several months to digest the significance of my experience.  Within a few short weeks my feelings about my relationship with my dad had totally changed.  Instead of longstanding disappointment, I now felt a sense of peace, acceptance and love.”

“I’ve been unhappy in some of my relationships and wanted to make changes.  I’ve been working on establishing clearer boundaries in these relationships.  The program helped me see my role in these relationships and the conflict I had within myself about these roles. The addictive nature of my relationships became clearer — the looking to others to meet needs that I need to meet for myself.  I’m taking back projections on others, and owning my issues. That helps me establish boundaries and come from a more compassionate place.”

Intuition, Creativity, Knowledge & Consciousness

“Exciting adventure!  I got vital information and solid support to help me gently look inside, easily identify a self-defeating belief, and non-judgmentally notice how I’d invested so much in a false sense of security and power.  I believed I had to hold my energy inside, when what I really need to do to reach my goal is to see interactions as exchanges of sacred energy and dive into that dance.  I got the awareness and tools I needed to do a 180 — no more feeling stuck, heavy, irritable and in the dark; I feel electrified and radiant, I’m seeing and taking opportunities in what used to look impossible, and already see results!!!”

“What came through in the meditation was the message, ‘I Am Love’. It was so light and enjoyable.”

“It brought me a sense of faith, a sense that I am not alone.”

Health & Well Being

“It’s as though my glasses were blurry, I used glass-cleaner, and I got a new set of glasses.  I see clearly, and the abdominal pain is now gone.”

“Thank you for creating sacred space for healing and change.”

“Afterwards I felt tired.  Soon I feel better than I have in years.  I can’t believe it!  I slept like I haven’t in years, felt no anxiousness and, the huge issues troubling me seem immaterial.  I hope this lasts.  If more suffering people who have been abused and traumatized could just experience your technique, what a better world this would be for all. THANK YOU SO MUCH for what you’ve done for me.  Therapy doesn’t come close to what you two can accomplish—it IS a miracle!”

“I arrived with a headache. By the time I left, I felt empowered by the work I had done and my headache was gone.”

“My goal was to take better care of myself so that I could appreciate and enjoy my life and have more fun.  After the program I felt energized and relaxed. I also felt inspired:  I cut my hair, went on a vacation and cleaned out my closet.   I feel lighter and am definitely having fun!”

“My goal was to feel more relaxed and at ease in my body.  Before the program I’d been working with cellular memories.  At the program I opened up more and released a blockage I’ve carried since childhood.  I felt energy rippling like streams of water through my body, and a letting go.  There was a definite, powerful shift in my body that night:  I got more relaxed, lighter, and completely energized.”

“I arrived with allergy symptoms.  I felt tense.  I worked on articulating my life purpose, manifesting my dreams and ridding myself of blockages.  The allergy symptoms have calmed and I feel relaxed!”

“I’ve been plagued by insomnia for decades.  Since attending my first program, I’m having more nights of restful, undisturbed sleep.”

“Thank you so much for the session last night.  I awoke today, thinking, “Did all that really happen?”  When telling a friend how it had dealt with a blockage, and how the other participants had looked much more alive at the end of it, she replied that she’d been about to say the same of me!  We both plan to be there next time.”