Location, Scheduling & Preparation


401 Main Street, Amherst, MA  01002  For in-person sessions.
Remote  Coaching Sessions  Available by request.
House Calls  Considered case-by-case for an additional fee to cover travel time.


•  Contact us or phone 413.559.7153.
•  Existing Clients  Indicate the type of session you want to schedule.
•  New Clients  Indicate that you want to schedule your first session.
We will confirm your appointment time and location, and provide directions and forms.
Questions?  Provide your phone number and convenient times to reach you.
  Payment for In-person Sessions  Please pay at the time of your session.
•  Payment for Remote Sessions & Gift Certificates  Please pay on-line.


Goals  You can direct your session towards goals in any area, for example, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.  The more you prioritize and focus your intentions, the better we can focus the time together, and the easier it will be for you to recognize shifts.

What to Bring   To make the most of your session, bring a notebook, pen and water bottle (not metal, preferably glass).

Fragrance-Free  Some people have adverse reactions to scented products. These include perfumes, colognes, essential IMG_3781n croppedoils, hair products, laundry detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, smoke, bug repellant, cleaning products and lotions.  When you visit our offices, please avoid using scented products or wearing clothing which has had contact with scented products.

Clear Space  Electronic devices can disturb the flow of energy in people, spaces and session work.  Please turn off all electronic devices, including cell phones, during your session.