Quantum Breakthroughs was founded in 2007 with this creed, mission, purpose and vision:

Creed  One all-pervading, infinite, divinity resides in every being of creation, and is especially manifest in the hearts of all humanity.  It inspires sincerity, joy, love and wisdom, and the highest respect for all. Bodies are temples for spirit – the indwelling, infinite divine self – and the human ideal is to honor the divine in attentive devotion to self-realization and in service to all beings.

Mission  Empower consciousness by serving, instructing and inspiring people to activate their spiritual capacities: super-conscious intelligence and creative energy.

Purpose  Provide inclusive, non-denominational spiritual and quantum health coaching with bio-energetic support to empower consciousness and harness the quantum light of spirit.  Facilitate a self-directed process for people to consciously take control of their lives, find and clear blockages, and energize their goals for well-being, peace, fulfillment, personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Vision  Wholeness of being. We are body-mind-spirit. We are integral parts of a perfect, balanced, divine whole creation that is incomprehensibly greater than the sum of its parts.  When people come to know themselves as beings of light and indivisible from the eternal, magnificent, infinite tapestry of the whole universe, they are empowered to consciously decide which actions and interventions will further support this experience and the awareness of it. This process involves transforming the conscious and subconscious minds into the super-conscious mind.  Quantum Breakthroughs reflects the light of wholeness by drawing from quantum physics and spiritual principles and coaching people to:

  • develop consciousness – the ability to see beyond the surfaces of reality, apprehIMG_2341end its multiple dimensions, and work with awareness
  • trust the guidance and protection provided by spirit
  • cherish the body as the precious home of spirit and the vehicle for living sacred purpose
  • learn ancient, ageless healing techniques using the laws of vibrational resonance and entrainment
  • strengthen the body by tapping into the synergistic healing energy of the quantum light of spirit and the coherent, nourishing, radiant patterns of nature
  • restore calm, energy and tone to bodymind’s natural defense and immune systems by clearing self-limiting beliefs and dysfunctional reactivity due to other forms of stress
  • aim the mind for optimal well-being, peace, fulfillment, personal growth and spiritual evolution
  • experience the energetic interconnectivity of all by integrating the multi-dimensional aspects of self