“Help!  Stress is stealing my energy and keeping me from focusing on my goals.  Why?”

The human energy field is a highly-calibrated, bio-electrical network that runs through the physical body and beyond.  When your body and mind are properly harmonized with this system, and all is functioning optimally, you can access the guidance and energy you need for health, happiness, productivity and growth at your evolutionary edge.  When stress gets in the way, it can block the flow, and leave you feeling tired, heavy, dull, fearful, tense, irritable, reactive, unfocused, hopeless, sick or just plain stuck.  Ongoing stress runs deeper than many believe. It can:

  • clog your energy channels and cause erratic vibrations that disrupt the health and harmony of your cellular network and bodily systems
  • lead to mental, emotional and physical tension, exhaustion
  • weaken emotional and physical immunity and resilience
  • feed the cycle of pain that impacts your emotions, sleep, ease and quality of life
  • disrupt your body’s innate abilities to heal itself and function well
  • limit your freedom to develop and move forward at your growth edge
  • dull your awareness, cloud your outlook with negativity, and increase your unconscious reactivity
  • interfere with the capacity to manifest the best reality for your self and life

In such a state, where will you get the fuel, focus, inspiration and courage you need?

Stressed to Death  Expert medical associations agree that 80% to 90% of all illness is stress-related. In the 1990s the World Health Organization declared stress a worldwide epidemic. In 2006, the American Psychological Association six top causes of U.S. deaths were linked to stress: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, liver cirrhosis, accidents and suicide1)Munsey, C. (2014, May) “Psychology can help solve America’s health-care crisis.” Monitor on Psychology. Retrieved from http://www.apa.org/monitor/may06/crisis.aspx As of 2010 economists estimated that stress costs U.S. industries $300 billion per year in absenteeism, healthcare and poor performance.2)Rosch, P. J., ed. (2001, March). The quandary of job stress compensation. Health and Stress, 3, 1-4.

“Why can’t my body heal itself?”

Your body can heal itself, as long as your system is not overloaded with stress.  The problem is that most people don’t have just one or two stressors stealing their energy and attention. Most contend with multiple acute and chronic stressors, and these form blockages.  Blockages are constellations of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stressors that collectively drain your energy.  Persistent high-stress loads can lower the vibration of the cells, overwhelm the organs and bog down the bodily systems.

Your system is equipped with an amazing innate capacity to relax, detoxify, repair, regenerate, balance, purify and heal itself. But stress can do more than disrupt the physical workings of the body.  It can also de-calibrate and congest the body’s sensitive bio-electrical energy system. Stress can also distort the connection between the body and energy systems, and prevent you from accessing the healthy flow of super-conscious awareness, focus and energy you need to heal your body, function well, feel good and positive, and move forward in life.

When your system is tied up with the demands of accumulated stress, is it any wonder that you feel drained, heavy, down, agitated, ill, bleak, or blocked?

“How can Quantum Breakthroughs help?”

Everyone has different health and life goals, and Quantum Breakthroughs offers services to help you meet yours. We combine coaching with advanced bio-energetic support to facilitate a self-directed process you can use to rapidly, easily clear stress from your circuitry, re-learn healthy patterns, balance your system, and make the adjustments you need for the powerful outcomes you want.  We draw from quantum and spiritual principles and keep the focus on what’s right, not what’s wrong.  We reflect the wholeness of your body, mind and spirit, so you can get to know your consciousness capacities and engage them to re-construct your health and life.  With the support of our tools & techniques, you can learn to:

  • gain awareness of stressors taking you off-courseStone tower on a pebble beach
  • align your physical and energy bodies
  • circulate bio-available energy throughout your system to fortify and balance
  • reduce stress to deeply relax, increase the energy and tone of your natural defense and immune systems, and break the cycle of pain
  • rapidly, easily clear blockages to free up your energy and focus for your well-being and fulfillment goals
  • keep stress at healthy levels to minimize tension, pain, illness and loss of time, and to increase overall resilience
  • clarify what’s needed for your physical vitality, mental clarity, emotional balance and spiritual grounding
  • enhance your brain power and activate your consciousness potentials
  • set heart-centered goals and aim the mind to transform obstacles into opportunities
  • draw from the life-force reservoir and creative powerhouse of spirit to nourish your self, life and goals
  • be who you’re truly meant to be and accomplish what you’re meant to do

Free yourself.  Be peaceful.  Be well.  Be happy.

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