Services that Synergize with the Quantum Breakthroughs Approach

Path of the Healer Apprenticeship:  Cultivating Consciousness;  Moving Mountains
9-month training and apprenticeship for learning Wholeness Energetics™
      •  Teacher:  Deborah Wilson, Returning to Wholeness

Foundation Integration Technique® (F.I.T.)
 ♥ quantum healing and consciousness development framework; S.C.I.O. Biofeedback practitioners can earn biofeedback CEUs
      •  Teacher:   William Fanning, C.B.I., Body of Balance

Structural Yoga Therapy
 ♥  group and individual yogic practice instruction integrated with applied philosophy
      •  Teacher:  Arden Sundari Pierce, Yoga for Well-Being

Northampton Colon Hydrotherapy
  purifying for body & mind
•  Hydrotherapist:  Erin McGill

Swiss Harmony
 ♥  solutions to counteract electromagnetic pollution
      • Educator:  Evie Ashton

 ♥  for making sense of imbalances and constitutional concerns and restore balance
~ available for remote work from CO with iris photo provided ~
•  Iridologist:  William Fanning, Body of Balance

Chiropractic Care
holistic approach to recovery and health
•  Chiropractor:  Hartley Hennessey, DC, 413.534.7200

Bach Flower Remedies system
♥  to restore balance between mind and body
•  Practitioner:  Mary Ann Kingsley, BFRP

Inside Out Thermography
Wholistic Wellness & Thermography 
Thermographer:  Janice Anderson, RN, HNB-BC, CCT III, ACHt., RMT

♥ compassionate, gentle service with strategic reduction of stress, pain and toxicity
• Dentist:  Sumeet Saxena, DDS

Graphic Design
♥  spiritually-grounded graphics
•  Designer:  Jonathan LymanStudio West Graphics

♥ video, portraits, events, teaching
• Photographer:  Craig Norton  

Resources that Inform the Quantum Breakthroughs Approach