Fees & Special Offers

Optimal Alchemy for Body, Mind & Spirit ~ A Stress-Buster Screening  Every body’s stress profile is different. The steps you take to restore calm, well-being and ease are best determined from your personal stress risk profile.  Optimal Alchemy is a 30-minute energy field screening for stress relief. Get feedback on hidden and top-priority stressors impacting your overall well-being. Use it to balance your body, mind and spirit and determine your best next steps to relax, re-set, re-program and re-direct. This special offer runs through 12.31.2017 but screenings may be scheduled for 2018.  May not be combined with other special offers.

~ 1 Optimal Alchemy screening for $30
~ 3 for $80 (12% savings)
~ pay by cash, check, debit, credit, PayPal

Gift Certificates Available!
Session Package
  Cost-effective! Buy 6 consecutive weekly sessions and get 7.  May not be combined with other special offers.
Referral Program for Existing Clients  Receive 25% off the cost of your next session after someone you refer pays Quantum Breakthroughs for a first session.


First Sessionbiofeedback, coaching120 minutes$120 USD
Get Clearbiofeedback, coaching90 minutes$120 USD
Relax & Energizebiofeedback, coaching90 minutes$95 USD
Sweep & Refreshfootbath, coaching45 – 60 minutes$35 USD add-on / $50 standalone
Make Way to Glowbiofeedback, footbath, coaching90 minutes$120 USD
Tune Up your Brainbiofeedback coaching90 minutes$120 USD
Consciously Createbiofeedback, coaching2 parts, 120 minutes each$250 total USD
Return to Wholeness Wholeness Energetics™90 minutes.$95 USD
Wholeness Plus S.C.I.O.* assisted Wholeness Energetics™105 minutes$120 USD

*S.C.I.O. stands for “Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations”

•  Session length and fee may vary for special or introductory offers.
•  Rate beyond session lengths listed:  $1/minute.
•  House-Calls:  $1/minute for travel to-and-from


•  This is a self-pay practice.  Full payment is due at the time services are delivered.
•  Some insurance companies cover biofeedback.
• Sessions may be paid in cash, or with a money order or check to Quantum Breakthroughs.
•  Checks not honored by the bank:  payment plus a $35 fee is due for the inconvenience.