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The Quantum Breakthroughs approach combines quantum and spiritual health coaching with advanced bio-energetic support for a self-directed process you can use to rapidly, easily clear stress from your circuitry, re-learn healthy patterns, balance your system, and make the adjustments you need for the powerful outcomes you want.  We draw from quantum and spiritual principles to reflect the wholeness of your body-mind-spirit, so you can get to know your consciousness capacities and engage them to re-construct your health and life.  This empowering process incorporates natural, gentle, drugless, non-invasive, synergistic tools and techniques.

IMG_3887Biofeedback with S.C.I.O. (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations)  is a hardware and software system that functions like a computer virus scan, interactively reading and responding to the subtle energy in the body’s bio-electrical circuitry.  It reveals the body’s voltage, amperage, resistance and other bio-electrical calculations which may be important wellness indicators.  It monitors reactions to stress, and provides feedback for educating people about their overall stress reactivity, reactions to over 10,000 subtle stress-related energy patterns, and the highest priority stressors above a baseline or ‘norm’.  Based on the science of quantum physics, the system uses the process of ‘resonance entrainment’ to train people to take conscious control over responses typically regarded as unconscious, make incremental adjustments in response to electro-physiological signals, calm reactivity, and re-educate areas of the bodymind to healthier patterns, including muscles and brainwaves.  It offers hundreds of training programs that can be limitlessly combined for optimal results.more...

Pre-designed stress reduction protocols may be used, or programs can be created to meet specific individual needs and goals.  What are the benefits?  With feedback-based coaching, people can:

  • build awareness of hidden and top stressors impacting their pain, dysfunctions, vulnerabilities and needs
  • reduce stress to replenish and fortify the body with energy so it can do as nature intended:  relax, release toxins, repair, regenerate, balance, purify and heal itself
  • build awareness of stressors involved in the ability of dependents to recover, for example, children and animals who are unable to communicate about what’s going on internally
  • skillfully manage stress reactions, stress triggers and stressful situations
  • learn to reduce pain and enhance overall immunity and resilience
  • re-direct energy and focus into health and life goals
  • activate the brain’s performance and consciousness potentials

You Drive the Process “The S.C.I.O. software give access to information about Core, the Interference blocking communication between Core and Consciousness, and the goals Consciousness holds. It is interactively directed by all three. The software provides an opportunity to clarify the situation and speed up the process of establishing a healthy communication with Core by helping to release the stress interfering with our attention to Core. It offers energy patterns that oscillate, or resonate, with the constellations of stress it finds. This changes the programming inside us that tells Consciousness what to pay attention to and so helps Consciousness get clear messages on what it needs to do for healing and improving our being. All the work is done by the person receiving biofeedback. The biofeedback software is respectful of that. The practitioner manages this software process and facilitates as a guide to help Consciousness get clear on what it needs to do for releasing interference and for healing.” ~ Bill Fanning, consciousness empowerment trainer

number of sessions:  The aim of working with biofeedback is to gain skill in reducing reactions to stress without its aid. The number of sessions needed to see and feel the results vary.  People are asked to consider committing to their goals by investing in six or more sessions to decide whether the modality is right for them or not.  There is significant research available about the many potential benefits and effectiveness of biofeedback.1)The Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, Inc. (2014, August). Efficacy. Retrieved from Certification International Alliance. (2014, August).  Biofeedback Articles.  Retrieved from

disclaimerThe intended use of the S.C.I.O. system for biofeedback is as an intervention for reduction of stress, as well as muscle re-education, relaxation training, brainwave relaxation training, and pain management.  It is illegal in the US for unlicensed practitioners to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical or psychological disease, disorder or condition.  Biofeedback is not a substitute for standard medical, chiropractic or psychotherapy treatment.  It is important to stay in close communication with a physician, and obtain permission to undergo biofeedback training if using a pacemaker or experiencing any other medical condition that may be exacerbated by relaxation.

Wholeness Energetics™ is a gentle, effective system for returning to natural states of health on all levels — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – by addressing root blockages that often hide in the subconscious. Using energy reading techniques through applied kinesiology, it’s used to unlock the body’s natural healing abilities. This is a guidance system for accessing intuition, setting goals, making choices, transforming energy, restoring vitality, tapping into creativity and coming home to the true self.

Sea wave on beachionCleanse® purifies through the natural cleansing power of ions, precisely the kind of beneficial ions that we breathe near a rushing waterfall or ocean waves.  ionCleanse® is like taking a relaxing, cleansing, refreshing walk at the beach. What are the benefits?  Our energetic channels and cellular matrices are exposed to the most draining toxic stress load in history.  In Alkalize or Die:  Superior Health through Proper Acid-Alkaline Balance,3)Baroody, Theodore, Alkalize or Die: Superior Health through Proper Acid-Alkaline Balance. Waynesville, NC:  Holographic Health Press, 1991.  Print. Dr. Theodore Baroody holds that acid from toxins attack the body and result in minor to major dysfunction in the joints, tissues, muscles, organs and glands.  He asserts that avoiding decline and maintaining robust health as we age requires neutralizing acidity by alkalizing the entire body.  Achieving this in our high-tech, high-stress, toxic world is near impossible, unless we walk daily near a waterfall or on the beach.more...

Because of their charge, ions are chemically reactive and can generate powerful changes. Natural energy sources like pounding ocean waves produce tens of thousands of beneficial ions that get absorbed through the skin and breathed into the body.  They travel through the body, neutralizing oppositely-charged particles, and pulling those particles through the skin.  These ions are generated as water droplets rush, collide and break apart.  ionCleanse® generates ions by passing direct current through an array in the water to break molecules apart.  Relaxing mind and body while the feet are in direct contact with abundant ions brings powerful, rapid effects.  Healthy individuals can expect to feel lighter and experience a greater feeling of well-being from each session.

IMG_3514Mindful Self-Compassion is an easy, empowering, mindfulness meditation technique used to cultivate in-the-moment awareness (mindfulness) when people are struggling with stressful feelings such as inadequacy, confusion, despair.  It helps people learn how to respond in those times with the positive energy of kind and understanding awareness (self-compassion), and how to hold difficult emotions – anger, fear, sadness, self-doubt, and shame – and themselves in loving awareness.  What are the benefits?  By self-inoculating with the heart’s sweetness people can immunize against inner and outer stress, and grow in ease and well-being.  By practicing evoking good will towards ourselves, especially during stressful times, we can cultivate a positive response to the same desire all beings have to live happily and free from suffering.

IMG_2309_2New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation® (NPMDT) was developed from the tradition of Reiki, which is widely practiced for filling the crystalline matrices of the human energy field with the natural energy of Love as spiritual first-aid for stress reduction, purification and well-being.  What are the benefits?  NPMDT extends the Reiki technique and energies, and incorporates additional energizing symbols and phrases associated with “Shambhala”, a light frequency of collective consciousness.  It upholds trust in the divine higher self, humility, contentment with life’s blessings, peacefulness without judgment, anger, or worry, honesty with oneself for harmony with others, and respect and compassion towards the self, others and all of life.  more...

NPMDT practitioners invoke light through their body’s central energy channel to clear and focus the mind to:  affirm the interconnectivity of all, generate greater spiritual energy, align with an intention for stagnation to clear and for energy to flow freely, and consciously attune to being a conduit.  Palms of the hands are positioned on or above the head, torso and limbs of recipients, who draw energy through the practitioner’s hands to where it’s needed.  Additional tools may be silently called upon to focus the process, for example, flower essences, crystals, gemstones.  The process can be carried out through the laying on of hands or by consciously transmitting energy over any distance.  NPMDT holds that all humanity is currently undergoing a paradigm shift towards expanded consciousness of Love, and that healing occurs when people experience freedom and wholeness based on their choices and spiritual purpose.  It teaches people to self-love, see life as multi-dimensional, and integrate their multi-dimensional selves.  NPMDT opens people to the source of life-force energy from which the entire universe and its web of life forms emerge. It supports moving through change by not giving control to fear, but by freeing the self to live with unconditional love and respect.  It empowers people to ask for and allow their inner healing and evolutionary potentials to be activated so they can be well and joyous, transform, and hold more of the light of consciousness.

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