Why Clear Stress?

“What is stress?”

Stress is a hard-wired innate response to a perceived threat to survival.  Stress produces hormones to prepare the body for emergency action and temporarily slows non-essential bodily functions while the threat is addressed.  Small amounts of stress can motivate you to stay focused, alert, and doing your best, so long as you’re not in danger.  But most people aren’t in life-threatening situations every day, and ongoing stress can be unhealthy and derailing.

When a threat is gone, the body is designed to turn off its innate stress response and return to normal.  This happens through a hard-wired, automatic ‘relaxation response’ that antidotes the stress response.  But when stress is not handled appropriately, the heightened vigilance and reactivity of the ‘survival mode’ stress reaction persists.  Chronic stress is linked with many health symptoms and conditions.

“Why can’t my body de-stress and heal itself?

Your body can heal itself, as long as your system is not overloaded with stress.  The problem is that most people don’t have just one or two stressors stealing their energy and attention.  Most people contend with multiple acute and chronic stressors, and these form blockages.  Blockages are constellations of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stressors that collectively drain your energy.

Micro-organisms rob nutrients and create toxins — low level bacterial and viral infections, fungus, molds, and parasites.  Environmental pollutants barrage and invade – fumes, allergens, electro-magnetic smog, situational difficulties, and excessive information.  Food impurities wreak system-wide havoc – pesticides, additives, irradiated and synthesized non-whole foods, including GMOs.  Self-defeating patterns interfere with human potentials and work against personal aims – destructive emotions, cell memories from past trauma, damaging mental factors, counterproductive lifestyle and dietary habits, and negative and self-limiting beliefs.

Toxic Overload Life is stressful. This is a fast-moving, electro-magnetic, toxic world. We’re overloaded with information and endless messages. We’re hit with electro-smog from cell phones, microwaves, TVs, computers — radiation that throws off the highly-calibrated human energy field and drains the body’s bio-electrical system.  We’re exposed to excessive pollutants, including chemicals that imitate hormones and bring down the healthy electro-magnetic frequency of cells.

Your system is equipped with an amazing innate capacity to relax, detoxify, repair, regenerate, balance, purify and heal itself.  But stress can do more than disrupt the physical workings of the body.  It can also de-calibrate and congest the body’s sensitive bio-electrical energy system. Stress can distort the connection between the physical and energy systems, and prevent you from accessing the healthy flow of super-conscious awareness, intelligence, energy and creativity you need to heal your body, function well, feel good and positive, and move forward in life.

“What happens to me when stress is ongoing?”

Ongoing stress reactivity has effects that run deeper than often believed.  Stress hormones don’t let the body rest so it can repair and recover.  A tense body and agitated mind interfere with sleep.  Sleeplessness makes stress worse, weakening emotional and physical immunity and resilience, and increasing the risk of illness.

Long-term environmental, psychological and biological stress can overwhelm organs with a IMG_3465domino effect in the immune, endocrine, nervous, cerebral, respiratory, cardiovascular, muscular and digestive systems.  It can seriously compromise immune function and create inflammation, acute and chronic pain.  It can overwork the adrenal glands to fatigue and result in blood sugar and blood pressure issues.  It can impair executive brain functions – cognitive processes such as memory, reasoning, task flexibility, problem solving, planning and execution – and fuel negative emotions and impulses.  Enduring stress can increase free radicals that damage cells, trigger gene mutation, speed aging, and slow digestion with possible weight gain.  It can lead to nutritional deficiencies, with symptoms of malnourishment that produce chronic, degenerative conditions.  And it can feed the cycle of pain that impacts emotions, sleep, ease and quality of life. more

Each cell in the body operates at a certain energy frequency, and the cells form a network to keep the body in harmony. According to the Stress Reactivity Model, when prolonged stress lodges and interferes with the energy in the cellular network, the body adapts with no noticeable symptoms. Stress occurs in three incremental phases.  Stressors produce irregular vibrations that lead to disharmony. The body adapts. The body exhausts due to this interference and then becomes ill. The key to restoring resilience is reducing stress and enabling the innate capacities to come into play so the body can relax, repair and regenerate naturally as it was designed to do.

According to the Toxic Stress Model, what triggers and sustains progressive physical disorder is the mounting stress of stuck toxins interfering with the energy in the cellular network. Disorder progresses through six stages. The key to returning to healthy excretion, expelling toxins to halt further imbalance, and even reversing many conditions, is enabling the body’s innate capacities for resistance and immunity.

Unless people choose to respond differently, they go on with the same stress reactions, and tension piles up.  Their energy gets tied up dealing with the draining demands of stress, limiting their overall resilience and the freedom to move, grow and succeed.

“How can Quantum Breakthroughs help me de-stress?”

You can learn to naturally, safely remove stress, inside and out.  We offer extraordinary gentle, natural, non-invasive, drugless, synergistic services to empower you become aware of hidden and top stressors in your profile, take control of your responses to stress, and dissolve even the most pesky, stubborn blockages.

magnifying glassWe use cutting-edge technology to look at your energy system like detectives.  How robust is your energy flow?  What’s draining your energy?  What’s blocking the communication between your physical body and energy field?  What’s clogging your energy channels and cellular matrix? What’s fogging your brain?  What’s weighing on your heart and mind?  Why is your system bogged down?

Everyone has different health and life goals, and Quantum Breakthroughs offers services to help you meet yours.  Our approach is positive and relaxing.  It draws from quantum and spiritual principles and keeps the focus is on what’s right, not what’s wrong.  We reflect the wholeness of your body-mind-spirit so you can get to know your indwelling super-conscious capacities and engage them.  We coach you to build awareness of what’s needed to de-stress your system and to nourish and sustain your phSCIO aura imageysical vitality, mental clarity, emotional balance, and spiritual anchoring.  We coach you to attune your bodymind with your quantum light body so you can re-learn healthy patterns and make the subtle adjustments you need for powerful outcomes. We use ‘resonance entrainment’, a process based on the science of quantum physics, to empower you to clear blockages, attune your physical and energy bodies, and maximize the bio-availability of spiritual energy, so you can fortify your body’s innate recuperative abilities and maintain a robust immunity and resilience.

All Quantum Breakthroughs services focus on learning to de-stress. Private clients can begin this empowering journey with a Relax & Energize session.

Align with the power of spirit.  Learn how to keep stress at healthy levels and increase your resilience.  Free up your focus and energy for your well-being and fulfillment.  What will your life be like when you step into your magnificence and share your richness and luminosity?!